agriffin (1)Hamlin (1)We are proud to be a Louisiana law firm protecting the rights of Louisiana consumers and citizens. The attorneys at Hamlin & Griffin, LLC have been working in courtrooms around the State of Louisiana in both state and federal courts for over 65 years. The Hamlin & Griffin attorneys have handled thousands of cases to favorable outcomes for our clients. We are dedicated to representing clients in cases involving defective products, contractual disputes, personal or property injuries, and consumer’s rights. Our practice focuses on redressing harm to people, business or property from a wide variety of causes. We offer our clients aggressive, loyal and faithful legal representation.

The Hamlin and Griffin attorneys graduated from reputable Louisiana Law Schools with high academic accomplishments. Additionally, they have been litigating cases all over the state of Louisiana in a diverse assortment of cases.

We know that hiring a law firm to represent you is an important decision. We believe that a client must be comfortable with the decision to hire a firm. Why hire us? We offer the following:

Free Initial Consultation
Louisiana Representation
We Will Protect Your Rights
Personal Attention On Every Case
Flexible Appointment Availability
Over 65 Years Combined Experience
Contingent Fees For Specific Cases
Flat Rate Fees, No Hidden Costs
Extensive Trial Experience
At-Home Consultations
Payment Plans Available
Free Case Evaluation

If you retain our firm, your case will immediately be assigned to an attorney and will not be handed off to a non-attorney staff member. Your case will be handled by an attorney from the beginning until it concludes. We look forward to being able to serve you!